Customers who have securities deposited at MBS, when having demand for transferring/settling their accounts at MBS can implement with the following conditions:

  • Customers have no financial obligations at MBS;
  • Can only transfer securities in normal securities transaction accounts;
  • Customers can only transfer to settle accounts or transfer securities in the scope of all quantity of securities on the accounts and incurred rights (if any) which have been defined to belong to Customers’ ownership.

1.    Documents for transferring securities/settling accounts include:

  • Application for settling accounts Form No. 24/LK (in case of transferring to settle accounts), or application for transferring securities Form No. 25/LK (in case transferring without settling accounts), or application for transferring a part of securities Form No. 26/LK (in case Customers transfer a part of the category);
  • A copy affixed seal from the depository member of the transferee of the document proving the accounting opening of the investor.
  • A copy of confirmation on changing depository member for foreign investors (applied for cases of foreign investors transfer to settle securities);
  • Copy and original of ID card to compare for individual Customers;
  • Certified copy of business registration certificate for corporate Customers;
  • Of investors’ account arise more rights during the processing duration, MBS will inform to Customers to supplement documents in accordance with regulations of the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD).

2.    Implement securities transfer/securities account settlement:

  • When there is demand for transferring securities/securities account settlement, Customers directly come to MBS’s Branches/Transaction Offices to make procedures and receive instructions.


  • The duration for completing the securities transfer/securities account settlement is expected at 03 working days from the date of receiving adequate and valid documents.
  • Securities transfer means transferring the whole securities category and arisen rights into Customers’ securities accounts opened at other depository members. Customers can transfer a part of the category only.  
  • Account settlement means that the Customers’ account is locked.
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