Securities Services

Securities Brokerage

MBS provides consultancy services to customers who buy and sell the listed and unlisted securities of various types. MBS always pays attention to attracting talented people, investing in modern technologies, and providing customers with the best investment analysis and consultancy services in the market.


MBS commits to

MBS commits to

  • Provide the best quality services;
  • Act as a pioneer in technology;
  • Ensure security & confidentiality;
  • Supply diverse products and services, satisfying all customers’ needs.


Brokerage transaction system:


  • High speed, accuracy, reasonable brokerage fee;
  • Update market information continuously and adequately;
  • Provide simple, convenient and absolutely confidential procedures;
  • Exchange information and share knowledge with investors through workshops and seminars;
  • Look up account details regarding cash and securities transactions via various forms: directly launch at the stock exchange, via telephone or internet;
  • Offer diverse forms of incentives.

Choosing MBS as a securities brokerage in Vietnam’s securities market is the best choice of professional investors.

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