How do I open a trading account at MBS?

MBS provides fast and convenient online account opening service. There are several ways to open an account:

  1. Open an eKYC account via the MBS Mobile app. See how you can open an account here and download the MBS Mobile app here.
  2. Open an account without the eKYC account on the MB app (if you are already using the MB app).
  3. Open an account right here on this website and have it authenticated by an MBS consultant.

You can also open an account at MBS’s Head Office/Branches/Transaction Offices nationwide (with your valid ID Card/Citizen ID Card). See the list of MBS’s Branches/Transaction Offices here.

For further support, please contact us through hotline 1900 9088.

Trading fee at MBS?

We offer the lowest trading fee among full-service securities companies in Vietnam.

  • MBS Online discretionary trading service: 0.12% of each underlying securities trade (inclusive of fees payable to the stock exchange). Investors have full access to the consulting system of the Research Domain and trading support from MBS Online’s customer service team.
  • Broker consultation service: Step fees apply, starting at 0.15%. Investors receive one-on-one consultations from brokers at MBS’s branches nationwide.

See our fee schedule here.

We constantly offer investors with commission-free brokerage and preferential interest rate plans. For details about our plans, follow our website and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CKMBS/.

Services by MBS
Financing Products
  • Sales proceeds advance;
  • Advanced purchasing power;
  • Bank loan for securities purchase (M-Credit);
  • Margin trading;
  • Securities business cooperation;
  • Purchasing power measurement.

See details about our financing products here.

Customer service
What makes us different?
  • We are a member of the MB Group
  • We are among the first six securities companies incorporated in Vietnam.
  • We were the market leader in securities brokerage market share in 2009 and 2010, and are currently among the top 6 companies with the largest market shares in underlying securities trading in Vietnam.
  • We were among the top 3 derivative securities brokers in 2019.
  • We are the leading issuer of covered warrants.
How to trade

To open an EkyC account on the MBS Mobile app, see our guidance here

To use Stock24, Plus24 priceboard and the Mobile app and learn about other securities products (Bonds, Warrants and Derivatives), see our trading guidance here.

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