Our DCM Team advises corporate clients on issuance plans, legal procedures, and legal requirements to issue debt instruments such as corporate bonds. MBS has developed a diversified network of commercial banks, insurance companies, foreign and local institutional investors. This is an advantage that helps clients in successfully raising debts via public offers and/or private placements. MBS also offers underwriting services to give clients the peace of mind with a guaranteed success of the issuance.

In recent years, the fixed income market in Vietnam has developed dramatically in scale as well as in-depth. Institutional investors have shown interest in fixed income products and thus fundraising via bond market has been chosen by many companies.

With a diversified network of clients and partners and an experienced DCM team with a deep understanding of financial products and fixed income markets, MBS is proud as one of the best and professional Vietnam’s bond houses. We have successfully completed many deals advising our clients in structuring and planning bond issuance as well as introducing attractive investment opportunities to potential investors. We have also successfully underwritten a number of debt issuances.


Advice on legal requirements

Debt issuance for public companies involves a series of diverse legal procedures as well as requirements on issuer’s financial capacity and corporate governance. MBS provides clients with solid advice to comply with these requirements.

Debt distribution

MBS has developed a diversified network of institutional clients such as commercial banks, insurance companies, foreign and local funds. This is an advantage that assists the client in successfully raising funds via public offers and/or private placements. MBS assists clients in book building in order to gauge market demand as well as the price range, in which the issuance can be conducted successfully.

Debt underwriting

MBS provides underwriting service to guarantee a successful issuance in a price range agreed in advance with the client. MBS enjoys strong support from its parents, Military Bank (MB), a large investor in the fixed income market. This synergy enables MBS to better serve the client through an enhanced capacity in the debt market.

Deal planning

Choosing the optimum issuance scenario will bring many advantages to the company. Besides raising capital for business operation, the company should balance other factors such as tax savings, building a secure and appropriate capital structure in investors’ and partners' eyes, the flexibility of fundraising plan, market conditions at the expected time of issue. MBS team can assist customers to set an effective issuance plan for each specified phase, suitable for actual market conditions.

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