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Online Securities Trading

Thanks to the reliable financial background and the strong support from the Parent Bank – MB, MBS always outperforms the partners’ business demand.


Transaction price list

Plus24 - is a new generation trading price list that supports customers with all necessary information for securities trading at, with excellent utilities such as:

  • The fastest connection and data download speed available today;
  • In-depth stock analysis;
  • Quick valuation of stocks;
  • Powerful stock filter, diverse indicators;
  • Advanced derivative data;
  • Market overview according to real-time data;

Transaction integration in the Price List;
With the new generation Plus24 trading price list, professional investors, or new investors who enter the market can find timely, accurate, and effective support from useful, optimal information. transaction volume.

To fully use the features on the Plus24 system, customers open a securities trading account at MBS and log in with Account and Password as the account number and password. securities transaction password at MBS.

With the deployment of the new generation trading price list system Plus24, MBS increasingly affirms its position as a securities company that attaches great importance to the application of new technologies in products and services to best support customers. in making investment decisions in a timely, timely, and effective manner.

Manual Plus24: Click here for details

Online Securities Trading

Stock24 is an online transaction channel which is designed and developed by MBS so as to provide the customers with transaction utilities and support the information lookup.

Stock24 is a friendly, simple, and easy-to-use product for all customers whose securities transactions are initiated at MBS.

Only with an Internet-connected computer, customers can access from anywhere to:

  • Create a series of securities lists for easy observation;
  • Launch transactions via a wide range of service accounts concurrently;
  • Place orders without any restriction;
  • Place an order and keep track of online orders’ status;
  • Integrate quotation, smart order placing a feature from the quotation to the transaction screen;
  • Divide big order on HSX into automatic small orders; place odd-lot orders on HNX;
  • Online cash transactions such as real-time internal & external money transfer (24/24, including Saturday and Sunday);
  • Manage profit and loss of account;
  • Advance online sale transactions;
  • Manage and execute online rights;
  • Sell odd-lot securities online;
  • Coordinate to trade securities online;
  • Observe online investment strategy;
  • Look up property report;
  • Modify personal information online.

Manual for Stock24: Click here for details

Securities trading by phone

M.Stock24 is an online transaction channel on smartphones with common operating systems such as iOS and Android, which enables customers to conduct transactions at any time and anywhere. Thanks to M.Stock24, customers can:

  • Keep track of market information;
  • Observe details of their interesting tickers;
  • Conduct purchase and sale transactions quickly and accurately;
  • Cancel or adjust transaction orders conveniently;
  • Conduct internal money transfers among accounts at MBS;
  • Initiate 24/7 online money transfer to MB’s accounts;
  • Conduct online money transfer to other banks’ accounts;
  • Cash advance;
  • Statements of cash, securities;
  • Manage account portfolio;
  • Keep track of the balance.

Manual for M.Stock24 on mobile version: Click here for details

Manual for M.Stock24 on tablet version: Click here for details


Securities trading on computers

Home24 is an online trading application installed on a computer, providing customers with trading facilities, optimizing account management through new and effective tools:

  • Friendly interface, easy to install and use 
  • Designed a multi-window interface to help customers transact and control many related information at the same time.
  • The shortcut mechanism works quickly.
  • Providing charting tools and supporting stock technical analysis
  • Fastest access to MBS's recommended investment portfolio
  • The conditional order system helps customers to optimize investment returns.
  • Provides the most complete benefits of money and securities trading

User manuals for Home24Click to view detail

Installation manual for Home24Click to view detail

Real-time Data

Data24 provides our valued customers with abundant real-time trading data covering equities, derivatives and indices of Vietnamese stock market. Data24 is compatible with Amibroker and Metastock:
  • D - Day trade: Data are continuously fetched intraday (Intraday)
  • A - Accurate: Reliable and comprehensive data are available, including derivatives as well as equities
  • T - Training: Strategies guidances and instructions are available from MBS specialists
  • A - Available: Free software
  • 24/24: 24-hour readiness for downloads and use
Instructions for Data24 installation and Amibroker data fetch: Click here for details
Data24 installation guidance video: Click here for details
Data24 FAQ:  Click here for details
Setup Package Data24 Click here for details
Data24 is in its Test Phase, please contact our Customer Support for more product instructions.

Online account opening

Open24 is an online securities transaction account open service applied for local individual customers who wish to open an online account at MBS. Customers can easily finish the online information subscription by only one step via the Open24 website at the address: After completing the information declaration for account opening, Customers will make two sets of the document and bring it to online transaction points or Branches/ Transaction offices of MBS for account activation.

With Open24, Customers can:

  • Open online securities transaction accounts;
  • Launch the securities or cash transactions;
  • Online account management via Stock24;
  • Gain preferential online transaction fees and enjoy professional customer services.

Online stock price board

Quote24 is the stock price list for all customers who use it at the address, with such preeminent utilities:

  • The highest speed of connection and data loading;
  • Giving support with chart of stock index movement of three stock-exchanges of HSX/HNX/Upcom;
  • Quickly choosing ticker, creating and choosing default securities category to ‘add’ on the beginning of stock price list;
  • Quickly looking up information of tickers by clicking directly on the code with data provided via online information page Search24;
  • Tracking the average price of HNX stock-exchange, foreign room;
  • Integrating with many common browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari…

Quote24Pro is the stock price list exclusively for customers using Stock24 online trading service of MBS. Besides the features of Quote24, Quote24Pro also supports customers with advanced features such as:

  • Integrating comprehensive stock price list which helps customers to choose smart investment portfolio as well as create default ticker portfolio on HSX, HNX and Upcom stock-exchange, to keep track at the same screen;
  • Supporting the tracking of ticker details: the deals transacted in the session, total sales balance, total purchase balance, transaction chart;
  • By connecting directly to Stock24, Customers may place transaction orders in the most promptly and convenient manner.

In order to use Quote24Pro, Customers shall log in with User Name and Password which is the account number and passwords for logging in Stock24.

With the online stock price list system of Quote24 and Quote24Pro, MBS successfully affirms its positions as a Stock Company which always attaches much importance on the application of new technologies to its products and services to give the best support to customers in the course of making timely and efficient investment decisions.

Call Center for information look up and securities transaction

Contact24 is MBS’s automatic information lookup and mobile transaction operator system. With just a private prefix number, customers can select a variety of features and services. The prefix number of operator center is 19009088. By using Contact24, customers can:

  • Automatically lookup account’s information: balance, order matching results during the day, notice and information on right execution;
  • Automatically change Contact24 password;
  • Connect to order placing staff and look up account’s information;
  • Request for support: retrieve Contact24 password automatically, support Stock24, and support with other information.


  • Prompt verification with high privacy: Contact24 password may be automatically retrieved and delivered to the target customer via SMS;
  • Diverse channels for information receipt:
  • Customers can receive looked-up information automatically by picking up the phone call or reading SMS;
  • Bulk order and transactions for many accounts:
    • Normal accounts and service accounts (sub-accounts).
    • Authorized account.

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact online support channels (Email, Gtalk, Skype, Yahoo), hotline: 19009088 extensions 4 or MBS’s branches/transaction offices

User guide for Contact24: Click to view detail

Look up transaction information via SMS

MBS provides the services of transaction result notification, SMS-based search for transaction results and account balance, market information and securities details.

For more details, please refer to the User guide.

Manual for SMS24Click here for details

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