To make it convenient and ensure the benefits of Customers in exercising the investors’ right, MBS would like to instruct Customers how to implement the securities owners’ rights as follows:

1.   Right to attend general shareholders’ meeting:

  • Customers will receive notice from the issuing organization.

2.   Dividend in cash, dividend in stocks/bonus stocks:

  • Right to receive dividend in cash, dividend in stocks/bonus stocks: On the date of paying dividends or transaction date of dividend in stocks/bonus stocks, MBS will automatically distribute into Customers’ securities transaction accounts.

3.   Right to buy additionally-issued stocks:

  • Right to buy additionally-issued stocks: When there is right to buy additionally-issued stocks, MBS will send notice about the call option ownership of each Customer via SMS or email registered by the Customers at MBS. Therefore, the Customers need to pay attention and update their contacts to MBS when there is any change.  
  • Securities purchase registration procedures:     
    • Customers can register to buy additionally-issued stocks via: (other operations/call option implementation).
    • Or Customers can come to their nearest Transaction Offices/Branches to implement the right.

For all questions about the service, please contact hotline 1900 9088 and press 4 to receive instruction and consultancy service.

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